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Transform Fate & Awaken Destiny

We are living in a period where time is extraordinarily accelerated and energy is highly influential.

I have been out of town because my Mother had a rather serious surgery. She needed to have someone stay with her during and after the procedure. For the first time in twelve years, all of my sisters and I were together. I am so grateful that I was able to go. It was good to be with my Mom and my family.

During the visit, I had intense visions of possible futures. These were not fearful thoughts due to worry. I could feel the reality of these potentials. They came with powerful information from all of my senses. They presented as possible negative outcomes. As I “passed” each event, I was relieved that they did not come to pass.

What was so remarkable was just how close we came to the alternate potential outcomes. I could feel the fine line, like a razor’s edge, between what did occur and what may have happened.

This is significant to all of us. It is a great example of the energy of our time. Never before, with over twenty years of doing this work, have I seen just how close the “margins’ can be between possible realities.

We are living in a potent, powerful time. Everything is highly energized. Time is highly active and reactive. Never before, in human history, have we been given such power to self-determine our fate or to realize our destiny.

In days of old, the shift between fate and destiny may have been beyond our control. However, within the current time acceleration and increasing energization, we are presented with an amazing opportunity to influence our potentialities.

Without exaggeration, every decision is a lightning bolt of power that activates fate or initiates destiny.

Our karma has been considered a system where we must pay the piper and do the time. Within the context of these amazing times, karma is a time warp where we get “stuck in the moment”. It affects the here and now. Some say that we are living in times of instant karma. It is more appropriate to consider that karma is simply repeating a pattern, doing the same thing over and over again in a habitual way, that is in each moment creating a fatalistic reality. This pattern can be repeating throughout many lifetimes as a soul habit. It can also be activated through the DNA creating susceptibility to violence, poverty, addiction, and physical or mental illness.

This time is an chance for us to end the cycle. We can harness this energy to break through the habitual pattern of the karmic issues and create a new possibility. We can open a portal to a new reality where anything is possible.

When we make conscious, soulful and heart-centered choices, we activate our dharma (soul purpose) and create a new timeline that awakens our destiny. Destiny is the reality of higher potentialities actualized when we live our soul’s purpose and serve our dharma.

There was a time when these heightened choice points came only a few times in a lifetime. Now they may come a few times in a single day!

This period of accelerated energies will activate portals of potential that are both good and bad, high vibration and low vibration. The choice is up to you. The frequency of your life, and the choices that you make, are more impactful than every before. Transformation is truly possible. We can choose to be overwhelmed by our fate or we can choose to rise to the positive potential of our destiny.

May you have the courage to forgive your karmic patterns and release the pull of fate. May you have the grace to awaken to your destiny and honor your dharmic purpose.

Please join me for the next Message Circle for a soul-empowering meditation and inspirational insight from your Wise Counsel.

May life bring you hope, love, and positivity.

With love and light,


(Seetal Mantra Kaur)

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