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The Art of a Spiritual Practice


We are living in times of extremes. It has become necessary to continuously up our game in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress. As one my teachers said, “In this life we need to have an advantage and energy is that advantage”.

In truth, we are perfectly equipped, by our divine design, to thrive in the midst of such challenging times. However, in this modern world, we have lost touch with the process that activates this original grace energy.

There are many pathways to access, cultivate and increase this energy advantage. However, just like anything in life, we need to do the work. In our “take a pill” society, we have lost sight of the importance and necessity of putting in the time and effort. There is no poof or quick fix.

The challenges of today require our conscious action -and a commitment to doing that action consistently. Every spiritual tradition of merit teaches that dedication and discipline are required in order to create the miracle and to make the magic.

What is called for in these most challenging times is a spiritual practice. A dedicated, disciplined, sincere, committed, consistent spiritual practice.

I am currently 68 days into a daily meditation practice with a group on zoom. We meet every morning at 6:30am to do a 31-minute practice of kirtan kriya. (This is just one of the practices that I do daily.) I love the challenge of a 40-day (or more) practice. It is so rewarding!

A good spiritual practice brings you home to your true essence. Once the mental chatter clears and the subconscious resistance is overcome, you are able to experience the beauty of what the practice brings to your life.

Last year, before covid, I started a 40-day practice that I decided to continue for 120 days. It became my refuge in a time of great stress.

One of the benefits of my daily practice is that it brings me into communion and connection with my Spiritual Supporters, my Truth and the Infinite Creative Source. The spiritual support is always there. We just need a practice that opens us to a genuine experience of it. For me, every day, every single day, I choose to live and breathe in this grace space.

You do not need to do kundalini yoga or mantra meditation. You just need a have a practice that is able to bring you back (again and again) to your original grace.

In these conflicted times, everyone needs a practice that takes them beyond the polarizing propaganda of this world, beyond the “Gods” and “Guides” of the Super Ego that tell you only what you want to hear and beyond the limitations of this apparent reality.

I have daily practices. I have weekly practices. I have monthly practices. I have seasonal practices. I have yearly practices. As the intensity of life on earth increases, our spiritual practice needs to meet this intensity with equal strength.

We are here on this earth to practice the art of being Soulful, of being Divine, of being Radiant and of being Joyful.

After all, it is easy to be ego, to be human, and to be unconscious. It takes practice to be Soulful, to be Spiritual and to evolve our consciousness to the limitless Grace of the Infinite.

If you are new to a practice, start small. Do your best. This is not about perfection or putting more pressure on yourself. This is a journey to peace.

You may begin by releasing something or some habit that limits your grace or does not serve your great good. This is the way to adopt a discipline and this discipline becomes your spiritual practice. Or you may choose to embrace a routine or habit that inspires and heals you. This is a living dedication and this dedication becomes your spiritual practice.

When we choose to “practice our practice”, we make time for it. We schedule it. We commit to it. Everything that we give to our practice comes back to us generously.

A practice fills you with awareness, vitality, and peace. It gives you the energy to do all the things that this life demands of you.

A true practice is a form of communion with the Divine. It takes you beyond the ordinary and becomes the bridge that connects you to Grace.

A dedicated and disciplined spiritual practice is gift that we give to ourselves -and to the world. The energy that is activated is trans-personal, trans-dimensional and transforming to each and all.

The benefits and blessings of a spiritual practice are not for you alone. Your spiritual practice benefits and blesses the whole of this world.

You could start today:

Place both hands on your heart.

Inhale “I am blessed”. Exhale “I am blessed”

Inhale “I am blessed. Exhale “I am blessed”

Inhale “I am blessed. Exhale “I am blessed”

Inhale “I am.” Exhale “I am”.

Inhale “I am.” Exhale “I am”.

Continue for 3 minutes, 11 minutes or 31 minutes.

(This practice is inspired by a Kundalini Yoga Meditation Kriya.)

May you find a practice that blesses you mightily. Please let me know how I may support you in your spiritual practice.

In Peace & Positivity,


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