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New Offerings

Peace to you.

May this note find you enjoying the sunshine and warm winds that are blowing through west Michigan today. In contrast to the complex energy of the times, I am grateful for the work of my garden.

I just completed an Altered States Breathwork Teacher Training. It was a lovely deep dive on the science and practice of breathwork that empowers one to shift from a state of stress to a state of peace and healing.

I am now offering 2 classes a week at Sanctuary. After years of working from home, it is a pleasant change and great fun sharing my love of Kundalini Yoga. (Fridays at 10am.) It is my intention to make this class accessible to everyone. Kundalini Yoga is different from other forms of yoga. It is stretch, repeditive movement, posture, conscious breathwork, mantra, music and meditation--all for the purpose of moving energy. My love of this style of yoga comes from my personal experience. After walking my path for nearly 25 years, Kundalini Yoga is THE PRACTICE that upgrades the “wiring” of my physical and energetic bodies so that I am able to navigate the energy extremes of the times and still connect with the higher frequencies that elevate my work.

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a Sunday practice. I was so blessed by the daily meditation during Lent that I made a commitment to offer a sacred practice on Sundays. My original intent was to offer this online but I am choosing to do this in person at Sanctuary. I believe that it is important to be in community during such challenging times.

These sessions will be light on yoga – doing just enough to get the energy moving and then we will harness this energy for a spiritual practice of guided meditation and energy attunements to bless our self,soul and spirit and empower our intentions. This class will be a blend of everything that I love – a practice of Kundalini Yoga, mixed with a touch of Mystery School, energy attunements, and my beloved Tuning In. What is not to love?! (If there is interest, I may share this online.)

After much consideration, I have made the decision to offer a yearlong workshop similar to one that I offered in 2004 entitled “Direct Connections”. It was a dedicated monthly training that was offered for 9 months and ended with a sacred ceremony of completion. Each month, we would explore the wisdom within and the sacred expanse of the Soul and Spirit. It was always my intention to offer an updated version of this workshop. The time has arrived.

rOne of the most important shifts of the age of Aquarius is that we are moving from knowledge-based learning (reading a book) to an experiential understanding where wisdom will come through direct experience. This training will be an experiential exploration of the sacred axis of energy that runs through your energy anatomy connecting heaven and earth. You will have an opportunity to map your chakras and attune to your energy bodies; explore your sacred connections to the wisdom of Mother Earth and all of Nature; meet with your Ancestors to heal the past and bless your descendants; Connect with your soul group and your Spiritual Supporters; receive an energetic upgrade by drawing upon the Grace of your Higher Self; and open to the blessings of the Infinite. This class will run from September 2022 to May 2023. This potent training will bless your relationship with your Self, Soul, Spirit and Creation.

You may notice that my work is shifting. I am much more interested in “teaching one to fish” than handing out fish. Everyone needs to feel their connection to the Oneness; to experience the vast power of their innate grace; to work with their energy anatomy; and to navigate the expanse of their multi-dimensional awareness to better understand themselves and Creation.

In my personal consultations, I have realized that when we shine a light and bring in energy, dynamic shifts are possible. For this reason, I am choosing to continue offering personal consultations. However, my favorite work is to mentor and coach. I love to support those who are working to create a personal transformation and/ or a dedicated spiritual practice. It is rewarding to see the miracles that are possible when we make a commitment to our path.

Every day, I journey through the levels of creation to hold space -believing, forgiving, loving, healing, singing, chanting, and blessing. This time calls for a dedicated spiritual practice and it is from this calling that all of my work flows. I will be posting a new practice on my website on clearing negativity from someone or something. It is all about forgiveness.

I hope to see you soon.

Believing in the healing and peace of each and all. Much love always,


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