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Merry Mercury Retrograde!

--Said no one ever!

We are going to begin 2023 with Mercury, Mars and Uranus all moving in an apparent backward direction. (From earth, they appear to be moving backwards or retrograding.) The effects of the backward flow can be experienced as a genuine lack of motivation (Mars and Uranus) and difficulty focusing and comprehending data (Mercury).

My best suggestion -- Roll with it!

Traditionally, winter is meant to be a time of REST AND REFLECTION.

This time will not last forever. On January 12th, Mars will shift forward in Gemini and then on the 18th, Mercury will go direct in Capricorn. Uranus goes direct in Taurus on the 21st of January. By the 3rd week of January, we enter Aquarius season with all of the major planets in forward motion. The end of January will be the best time to activate your intentions for 2023.

For now, this relatively short time, we can just BE. Listen within. Dream your dreams. Practice non-doing. After all of the hustle and bustle, it is ok to just REST. This is the perfect time to engage in activities that renew and rejuvenate. Read a good book. Start a dream journal. Meditate. Get a massage or a facial. Take a salt bath. Snuggle. Cuddle. Sleep.

In keeping with this soft energy, I am holding the sacred space to honor the experience gained from 2022 and to envision the intentions for 2023. Every year I adapt the Tuning In process. This year, we will harness this time to dream our dreams, clarifying our intentions, bless our best and expand into potent powerful potentialities with a heart-expanding visualization.

You can sign up HERE.

I extend to you many hopeful and beautiful blessings for 2023.

With much love,


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