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A Tender Transition

Dear Ones

June has arrived. Of course, it was always going to. Somehow, with all that has transpired in my life in the last couple of weeks, I thought that it might wait. How could this year be nearing the half-way point? It feels relentless of Time to move forward without any concern for our own ebb and flow.

I could use a moment.

One most cherished, who I have been blessed to have as my granddaughter, has transitioned from this life to the one beyond. For weeks, Lila Claire did her best to recover from strep pneumonia. In time, we came to understand that she was too weak to come off of the life support. This week, she became the first trisomy 18 in Michigan to become an organ donor. In her death, she gave new life to someone. She was only 10 and a half but she lived a mighty life.

Lila was many things to many people. For me, she was a great spiritual teacher. Every night of her life, I would join with her in all forms of prayer, mantra, reiki, and sacred journeywork. She was a guide, a luminary, an angel. On Tuesday, she set sail on a new journey to a higher level. I am left with great gratitude and deep sorrow.

Every moment that she was here was a gift. They said that she would only live for 5 days. She, like many of her friends with Edward’s Syndrome, choose to thrive and let the medical community amend their practices. What an honor to have this dear girl in our lives. May we keep Lila's parents, her brothers and the many people who loved her in our prayers. This tender transition has left a void that will take time to heal.

I clearly understand that this tender time is not an interruption into the busyness of life. It is in actuality a gift -an invitation to pause, honor, cherish, and to live more mindfully. In reflection, I wonder what am I to do now? How can I live in such a way that honors Lila and the great gift of her life? How can I best be of service and support the healing of this dear world?


I come to my yoga mat to breathe, to move and to integrate this extraordinarily beautiful and complicated world. We are always in process. Yoga supports our ability to manage our physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, soulful, and spiritual experiences. Yoga support my process so that I may continue to share Kundalini Yoga and my spiritual services.


We had a wonderful Wisdom Circle in May. This opportunity to be together in a conscious, caring community was renewing. It is amazing what guided meditation and sharing in community can do for the soul.

I am choosing to move through my innate desire to isolate. Instead, I am choosing to share the spiritual power that Lila’s loss has deepened in me. This loss has cleared away the clutter making space for a new level of spiritual potency and optimism.

I have decided to continue with June’s Wisdom Circle. Please join with me to honor the sacred significance of life with its heart-expanding range of joy, grief, and everything in-between. We will meet on Sunday, June 4th from 3pm to 5pm at Sanctuary Yoga.

If you are interested in learning more about Lila'a journey, please friend me on Facebook.

My former daughter-law is hosting a Celebration of Life for Lila on Saturday, June 10th from 3pm to 6pm. You are most certainly welcome.

May this June find you and yours happy, healthy and whole. May you know that you are sacred.

With Love and Light,


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