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Tuning in

If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and JUST DO IT.

-Wanda Sykes

Tuning in

The Monthly Practice

You are cordially invited to join me for this practice which represents the essence of  my work. 

It is spiritual practice and vision manifestation harmonized to bless the best and release the rest.

Please download the handouts below and participate in the monthly Tuning In Practice.

If you need assistance with your astrological houses or with your numerology, please contact me to schedule an appointment. 


I will be adding a monthly chakra meditation to the free downloads very soon. 


Many Blessings....  ~Robin 

A love offering is appreciated but not required.  Enjoy!

Tuning in ~ The Practice


What are you willing to do every day?

My daily disciplines for 2019​

  • Meditation and Mantra (Since 2004)

  • Prayer & Chakra Bless and Balance (Sine 2006)

  • Energy Medicine Daily Balance  (2015)

  • Inspirational and/or Educational Reading 1998

  • Planner Review 2019

  • Astrological Review 2018

  • Workout Journal (2016)

  • 100 Crunches 2019


What are you willing to do every Week?

My weekly disciplines for 2019​

  • Blessing my week (Planner) (Since 2017)

  • Professional & Spiritual Intention and Goal Review (Planner)

  • Weekly Plan for Yoga / Workout / Meal Planning (2019)

  • Sacred Circle Check In (2008)


What are you willing to do every month?

My monthly disciplines for 2019

  • Blessing the Month Planner Process 2017

  • Monthly Review & Intentional Focus for New Month

  • New Moon Chart & Astrological Review 2018

  • Monthly Tuning In Practice - Download Document


What are you willing to do every Season?

My seasonal disciplines for 2019

  • Seasonal Meditation with Sacred Circle (2006)

  • Quarterly Review & Intention Clarification (2006)

  • 40 day Discipline (Usually twice a year in the spring and fall.)


What are you willing to do every Year?

My yearly disciplines

  • Tuning In Class

  • Yearly & Intention Clarification (2006)

The Energy of 2019


It has been ninety-nine years since the world has experienced a #12 universal vibration.  In 1920, the “Roaring Twenties” were just getting started.  It was the heyday of jazz, speakeasies, gangsters and prohibition. Amidst this backdrop, the 19th amendment was passed and women were finally given the right to vote.  Many things that have changed since that time and some things have stayed the same. The question is, how can we best navigate this energy in 2019?


The Archetypal Energy of the Major Arcana ~#12 The Hanged Man


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

 -Marcel Proust

The visual imagery of this archetype is that of a man hanging upside down from a tree.  This image is reminiscent of the myth associated with the discovery of the runic alphabet. Accordingly, Odin hung upside down from Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World. He was wounded, in pain, and alone. After nine days, he discovered the runes and they became a great teaching and benefit for humanity.


While we may be uncomfortable with the vulnerability involved in hanging upside down, the truth is that we are meant to come into this world head first.  The Hanged Man #12 is the higher vibration of the Empress #3. The Mother archetype of the Empress is powerfully creative and “pregnant “with possibilities.  The journey to The Hanged Man is a birth from the creative consciousness of the Empress (3), to the higher awareness and conscious creativity of The Hanged Man (12).


The Hebrew letter assigned to The Hanged Man is Mem (mayim). 

It translates as water and reflection. We are birthed by the Empress and it is Mem’s baptism that offers us an initiation into our new state of Being.  The Hanged Man trusts in the transformative crossing and fully surrenders to the process.  The #12 is a pause, a moment to reflect on the journey thus far and to consider what is emerging on the horizon.


The astrology associated with The Hanged Man is the planet Neptune.

Neptune is a distant planet and it references the great deep.  It is from this depth that many forms of imagery will emerge. The deep can distort the truth and much of the imagery may be illusionary.  However, if one fully immerses oneself in the great depths, a deep knowing can be gained.  The truth, like The Hanged Man, requires an act of surrender and trust.


The Hanged Man marks the 23rd Pathway on the Tree of Life.

The energy mediates between Gevurah, the principal of Destruction and Hod, the principal of True Intelligence.  This is the revelatory energy of 2019.  Last year, a #11 year, we were witness to great upheaval.  To demonstrate this energy, consider that the number 11 symbolizes the explosive, illuminating energy of a bomb going off.  The effects of this explosion cannot be truly known until the dust has settled.  The process of perceiving this new reality is the identifying energy of The Hanged Man.  In 2019, the truth of our new reality will begin to reveal itself as information is disclosed and integrated.  It is then that we will come to know what has been forever changed and transformed.  This is not the time to struggle and resist what is coming up in your life.  You are meant to trust and to see with new eyes.  There is a divine plan at work.


When difficulties are overcome, they begin blessing.



The Traditional Numerology of 2019 is the #3.


Man can only become what he is able to consciously imagine."

– Dane Rudhyar


This number is associated with creative growth and synergy. This is a good year to reimagine your life and to redesign it in harmony with your true purpose.  Tend to your garden and “grow” something beautiful within yourself and extend it to the world. 

The monthly Energy


January  ~  #13 Death

Face your fears. An ending is occurring in your life.  Let go of what is not working. Life is about endings and beginnings.  You are transforming and transformational.  Be the change.  



February  ~  #14 Temperance

It is time to honor what is meaningful to you.  Know yourself and own your truth.  Live your convictions.  Do not force anything. Take the necessary time.  Avoid excess.  “Temper” yourself.



March  ~  #15 Devil

Avoid scapegoating – take responsibility for your life.  Confront your shadow.  Remember that all of life is sacred.  Honor the sensations of the physical without becoming enslaved or addicted to them.       



April  ~  #16 Tower

You are being liberated from that which you have outgrown. Open yourself to a new level.  By accepting the required changes, there is a potential for intense spiritual insight and soul growth. 



May  ~  #17 Star

The light is shining upon you.  This is a time of inspired vision and insight.  Awaken to the truth.  There may be a call for hope and/or of hope.  Maintain a positive attitude. You will be honored for your light.



June  ~  #18  Moon

Access your unconscious insights.  Open to wisdom of your dreams.  A light is illuminating the darkness.  A new phase may be indicated.  Choose to reflect the light.



July  ~  #19 Sun

A new day is dawning.  This is a time of clarity.  Take initiative and do the work. Life is presenting many opportunities. Awaken to new truths. Turn your face to the light.



August  ~  # 20 Judgement

The truth converges as a time of reckoning.  Release judgement.  Forgive and a clear path will emerge.  You will reap what you have sown.  Karmic balance.


September  ~  #21 The World

Live your life in harmony with the earth. Carpe diem. Make manifest your heart’s desire. You’re your life fully.  Attainment is at hand.



October  ~  #22 The Fool

Take a leap of faith.  Hold on to your innocence. See your life with new eyes and begin anew. Open to new possibilities. Build a better tomorrow.



November  ~ #5 The Hierophant

Incorporate discipline into your daily life. Embrace tradition. Stay true to your path even when you are stressed or challenged.



December  ~  # 6 Lovers

Choose consciously. Live open-heartedly. Harmonize contradictions. Devote yourself to beauty, love and service. Relationships are highlighted at this time.