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Honoring the Ancestors

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Blessings and Hello!

How are you these days? We are all so busy but I hope that you take time to pick apples and carve pumpkins. October is a beautiful month in Michigan.

My husband and I are preparing for a visit from my husband’s biological father from Scotland. It is a once in a lifetime event. We are busy painting and cleaning everything!

This month marks the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. A death of a loved one is something that you never “get over” instead it is something that you learn to live with. My siblings and I feel very close to her and feel her presence often.

In ancient times, our Ancestors were respected and valued. There were many practices to honor their wisdom and memory. In my work, I can "see" the importance of honoring, healing and blessing the ancestors.

The healing and blessing of the ancestors is an essential custom. This practice clears the karma in the DNA and creates new possibilities for yourself and your descendants. Most significantly, the healing and blessing creates waves of liberation for generations of your ancestors.

It is said within Indigenous cultures that “we are the ones”. We are the ones called to do the work. We must begin with forgiving, healing, and blessing the past. When we take responsibility for our family in this way, our personal, and familial, evolution is activated and amplified.

If we do not take responsibility for healing the wounds of the ancestors, we will continue to carry the weight and burden. The wounds will manifest in our lives again and again. They will be passed on to our children. This will continue until the cycle is broken.

We are the ones. You are the one who can heal the past, bless the present and transform the future.

We now understand that we carry seven generations of ancestral trauma in our physical body. The healing and blessing really begins with your own healing work. All that you do to heal yourself will generate a healing that will impact your ancestors and your descendants.

To honor the Ancestors, the Wisdom Circle on November 5th will be dedicated to their messages and their healing. The veil is thin and the time is right. It will be a beautiful and sacred gathering.

I am dedicated to the Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class on Fridays at 10am at Sanctuary. It is such a great practice. Please come and give it a try.

In order to address the great need for energy attunements and education, I have created a new Energy Intensive that will be offered soon. There is a need for qualified energy training and this intensive will be an opportunity for Energy Practitioners who would like to evolve their practice and anyone interested in receiving energy attunements and activations to evolve their practice and/or to simply uplevel their lives. I love this work and it is time to share it.

Please know that I am available for Guided Energy Therapy by phone and in person. This work is deeply healing and truly transformational. It will open new possibilities in your life.

May you have a blessed and beautiful October.

With love and light,


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