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What is called for in these challenging times is a spiritual practice. A dedicated, disciplined, sincere, committed, consistent spiritual practice. Every spiritual tradition of merit teaches that dedication and discipline are required in order to create the miracle and to make the magic.  As the intensity of life on earth increases, our spiritual practice needs to meet this intensity with equal strength.
In these conflicted times, everyone needs a practice that takes them beyond the polarizing propaganda of this world, beyond the “Gods” and “Guides” of the Super Ego that tell you only what you want to hear and beyond the limitations of this apparent reality.
We are here on this earth to practice the art of being Soulful, of being Divine, of being Radiant and of being Joyful. After all, it is easy to be ego, to be human, and to be unconscious. It takes practice to be Soulful, to be Spiritual and to evolve our consciousness to the limitless Grace of the Infinite.
Everything that we give to our practice comes back to us generously.

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