Tuning in 2020 & Beyond

The world is new each morning -- that is God's gift,

and a man should believe he is reborn each day.

-Israel Ben Eliezer

You are invited to gather on the New Year's Day with the sacred intention of attuning to the energies of 2020 and activating the highest potentialites for yourself and the world. 

In this workshop, you will be experientially guided to clarify your intentions, to bless and activate your true purpose

and to create a positive, potent and powerful new year


Creating Sacred Space for the Work.

First and foremost, this is an opportunity to align with the Spiritual Supporters and to call upon their wisdom to bless the New Year and guide your journey.


Overview of the Universal Energies

We will explore the universal energies of the numerology and astrology of 2020. This information generates an awareness and creates a bridge between your conscious goals and your vibratory energies for the year. Please bring your natal astrological chart wheel. This can be downloaded for free at https://cafeastrology.com/free-natal-chart-report.html.


Blessing of the Energy Centers

The chakras reflect one's past, present and future energies. We will release the energy of the past and bless centers for the new year.  We will then draw upon the wisdom of the chakras to clarify our values and intentions for the new year.



To be Witnessed and Honored

This beautiful time concludes as each person is invited to share their intentions for the year.  This opportunity to be heard, witnessed and honored generates a supportive blessing that graciously  empowers the path and purpose of each and all.

A workbook is included.


Investment for this class:  $65

Registration is required.

Tune In to 2020
Jan 01, 12:00 PM
Sanctuary Yoga
Rev. Robin Whitaker
Telephone ~ (269)377-1304
Email ~ rev.robin11@gmail.com
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