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Tuning in 2020 & Beyond

The world is new each morning -- that is God's gift,

and a man should believe he is reborn each day.

-Israel Ben Eliezer

This is an opportunity to check in with your energy

so that you may more consciously navigate your path in 2019.


Insights on Themes and Timing

Numerology can create an awareness of the energy of your current life theme to include one’s strengths and challenges of the new year. We will explore the energy of your growth cycle, the progression of the cycle and your personal year. This information generates an awareness and creates a bridge between your conscious goals and your vibratory energies for the year..  


Comprehensive Energy Analysis

The energy of one’s chakras, energy bodies and energy flow can provide comprehensive information regarding the current state of your life in ways that span the everyday to the sacred. This assessment is a useful tool in understanding the challenges and opportunities that may develop in 2019. 


Conscious Connection to your Ancestors and Spiritual Supporters

Let's check in with your Spiritual Supporter for insight and inspiration to bless your path in the new year.

Clarity of Circumstance

Spiritual insights illuminate the sacred context and positive potential of the opportunities and challenges in your life so that you may more consciously and effectively navigate your path.

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Many Blessings....  ~Robin

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