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Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.
-- Pema Chodron


Past Life Exploration
~ Exploring the wisdom and experience of your Soul ~

  • If we are to ever fully grasp the purpose and meaning of this lifetime, we must come to know the beauty and expanse of our soul. In my work, I have been gifted with the ability to journey with the souls that I work with, both those "inbody" and those who have transitioned beyond this world.  I have had many amazing and sacred experiences. 

  • It is my intention to create the opportunity for individuals and small groups to experience what I have experienced.  Soul regression allows us to know ourselves in the context of one's eternal soul and affords the perspective to acknowledge the meaningfulness in even the most mundane aspect of our lives.  Soul awareness deepens your connection to the Infinite, evolves your consciousness, enhances your intuitive insight, and clarifies the relevance of your life.  
  • Soul Journeywork is one of the most effective ways to truly "know' your soul.  However, it is a process.  Inspired by my own experiences and by those whom I have studied over the years, we will create a roadmap of your soul's journey from Spirit to the here and now. 
  • Progressing deeper into the soul, we will tap into and explore our past lives.  There is an awareness that we "know" things that we did not learn or experience in this lifetime.  Again, this is a process.  The more time that you are willing to give the Soul Journeywork, the more expansive the benefits.  There is a great deal of documentation of past life regression generating physical, emotional and psychological and spiritual healings.
  • To progress on the pathway, each journey builds confidence, expertise and wisdom.  An essential aspect of this work is in making the journey to the Spiritworld and exploring the many levels of  "Heaven".  A Soul Journey to the Spiritworld creates many new opportunities for exploration.  We will meet our Spiritual Supporters to include Guides, Angels, Masters, and Ancestors.  You will have opportunities to connect with your Soul Group in order to explore your sacred contracts in this lifetime and beyond.  
  • In these sessions, you are given an opportunity to explore the journeys of your soul and get to know yourself from a sacred and eternal perspective.   As part of this process, you can expect to set the intention that you will explore only that which you are meant to know for your grace and goodness.  Soul Journeywork offers insight into the issues that you are currently dealing with in your life.  This process can open you to the skills and wisdom that are necessary for the next step on your evolutionary journey.

  • I utilize a guided meditative technique that will include a space blessing; an invitation to your spiritual supporters for protection and inspiration and a guided energetic clearing and blessing in order to assure a safe and sacred experience.

  • Please bring a journal so that you can record the experiences of your soul. 

  • In small groups, you are invited to share your experience with the group to the extent that you feel is appropriate.  The act of recording and sharing are important steps for the the integration and comprehension of your soul's experiences.

  • Within a private session, the journeys can be recorded.  I will take notes to share with you.

  • Please understand that Soul Journeywork is a process and each exploration expands and deepens your ability to remember your experiences.  For some, this is a natural process.  For others, it will take time and dedication in order to develop the meditation skills requried to "know what you know".  This work is designed to be accessible to everyone and with practice, everyone will come to know a deeper level of their Soul through this work.  

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