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Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought.
~Stephen Levine



~Guiding your mind from beta to theta for heart, health & halleluia~

  • We can utilize meditation to create genuine and dynamic positive change in our lives.  In order to create positive change, science tells us that we need to shift from the active and stress-filled level of brain function and frequency into a more relaxed and recovering state of mind.  
  • The everyday awake and aware state of brain function is known as beta.  Beta brain function ranges from hyper-vigilance and highly stressed to everyday focus and functional awareness.  We spend are great deal of our waking time is the busy-mind-state of beta.  It is well documented that extended periods of high beta activity are very hard on the body, mind and spirit. 
  • From the highly active state of beta, the brain shifts down into alpha.  Alpha brainwave frequency is associated with rest and relaxation.  During alpha,we are reflective, in-process and creative.  Alpha is the frequency that the relaxation response begins to activate.  Our breathing becomes more relaxed.  Our pulse rate slows, our blood pressure goes down and the endocrine system sends chemical (hormonal) messages that shifts the body into a recovery and healing mode. 
  • As the brainwave frequency slows down, we move through levels of consciousness.  In beta, we are highly conscious, awake and aware.  In alpha, we are slowing down and more relaxed.  As brainwave frequency continues to slow, we shift from a relaxed state into a state where we still conscious and yet we are now able to access the subconscious mind.  This is the theta brainwave frequency.  Theta brainwave frequency ranges from daydreaming, meditation, light sleep and moves us into the dream state.  From theta, we shift into delta and are in a state of the deep sleep.
  • For our purposes, we will focus on the alpha-into-theta brainwave frequency range because this is the space where we are able to access the subconscious mind.  At this point, the critical (discerning) consciousness relaxes and we now have access to our subconscious mind.  Dr. Bruce Lipton has stated that 95% of our mind is unconscious and this subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than our conscious mind!  
  • In the on-going class, we will harness the power of guided meditation to shift from beta into alpha-theta. This is your opportunity to activate the relaxation response in your body and to access your subconscious mind for the purpose of "heart, health and halleluia".  We will use guided meditation to harmonize body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit so that you may live a more peaceful, positive and fulfilling life.  
  • Please bring a journal to record your meditation and honor the insight and inspiration received.

Rev. Robin Whitaker
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