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I know what the great cure is:  it is to give up, to relinquish, to surrender, so that our little heart may beat in unison with the great heart of the world. 

-Henry Miller 


My work comes from a deep spirituality; a dedication to ever-evolving my knowledge, wisdom and sacred consciousness; and a call to share the gifts that continue to grow and expand after years of sincere dedication and discipline.  My consultations and classes are offered from the soul-honoring perspective that you are a wise, beautiful and sacred Being.  As such, you can trust that you will be honored in this work.  Please know that it is a great honor to walk this path with you and to share in your journey.

Guided Energy Medicine

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Based upon a belief that essentially all healing is self-healing, you will be gently guided to consciously connect to the Infinite flow of positive energy so tha you may purify, revitalize, harmonize and bless every level of your Being.  This is chakra-based energywork that draws upon a several healing modalities to include reiki, conscious breathwork, guided imagery and affirmative intention to establish and empower your healing potential.  Every session is customized to your unique needs.

This is your opportunity to draw upon the power of eft tapping to transform your life.  Each session is customized to your specific intention.  We will follow the "healing formula" in order to optimize your experience. This technique is easily learned and can become part of your personal healing toolbox.

It has been said that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.  In a personal session, you will be guided through the physical, emotional, intellectual, soulful and spiritual levels in order to access the wisdom of your body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.  There are endless ways in which to customize this practice with everything from self-healing to spiritual enlightenment.

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