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May Peace be with you in heart and mind and body. 
May you experience Grace and Healing Love.
May you be lifted as Life opens windows through which the Eternal sends Light.
--Annabelle Woodard


~ Guided Energywork with Reiki ~

Based upon a belief that essentially all healing is self-healing, you will be gently guided to consciously connect to the Infinite flow of positive energy so that you may purify, revitalize, harmonize and bless every level of your Being.  This is chakra-based energywork that draws upon a several healing modalities to include reiki, conscious breathwork, guided imagery and affirmative intention to establish and empower your healing potential.  Every session is customized to your unique needs.

What To Expect In A Session 
  • Every session is as unique as the individual. 
  • Please come dressed in comfortable clothing.  You have the choice of having your session seated in a chair or laying down on a massage table.  You will remain fully dressed for your session.  You will remove your shoes and your feet should have socks or booties. 
  • We will begin with a blessing to surrender this time to the Infinite, to consciously connect to your Sacred Self and to invite in those Beings who will support your session.   
  • In all energywork, it is essential to create a flow for the blessing and harmonization of the energy system.  This is best initiated by grounding to the Earth, opening to the Heavens (the higher vibrations) and then unifying those energies within your Sacred Center.  
  • A variety of tools and techniques will be utilized within your session to include spiritual energy, reiki, shamanic journeywork, intuitive insight, guided imagery, aromatherapy, prayer and guided meditation. 
  • Spiritual Energetic Therapy is experiential and interactive.  During the sessions, you are relaxed, consciously aware and attuned to the work.  I use this process so you are able to develop skills and techniques for use within your life. 
  • In this work, I am able to consciously connect with your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit, and with your Spiritual Supporters to include Guides, Angels, Master Teachers, and the Archangels.   I open to their wisdom and your session flows from this guidance.  This information is always shared with you.
  • Within a session, I am able to intuitively "see and feel" the state of your energetic being.  From this insight, you will be guided to follow specific instructions.  We have a lifetime of information, experiences, thoughts and feelings held within our energy system. An important element of this work is to release what no longer serves so that you may more fully open to that which blesses you. The goal is to release the drama or trauma and to accept the wisdom gained from the experience.   In order to harmonize your system, this stored data will be clarified, reorganized, healed and rejuvenated.   
  • The effects of a session will continue long after the actual session. Some find that they are energized after a session.  Others find that they could sleep for days.  It is best to keep your self safe and sacred for at least 24 hours after a session.  Take a shower or a bath.  Drink lots of water. Rest and relax.
  •  A session is always closed with an offering of gratitude to you for being willing to do the work, to those Spiritual Beings who supported the work and to the Infinite. 

The Benefits...

  •  A conscious reconnection with your body so that you may better understand what is needed for its health, healing and happiness. 
  • A re-structuring of the natural harmonic balance, energetic flow and authentic integrity that exists between your chakras and the many levels of your Being to include the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects; the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious aspects; and the soul’s sacred contracts, unique purpose and influential karma.
  • A blessing that deepens the direct experience of your Sacred Self, your Soul and your personal connection to the Divine.
  • The capacity to cultivate your Soul’s inherent wisdom, intuitive insight, and spiritual power in order to positively affect your life, your sacred contracts, your karma and your purpose in the world.
  • The inspiration to advance your spiritual evolution, expand your consciousness and motivate you to co-create a positive shift in the world. 

My Commitment to You...

  •  A Spiritual Energetic Therapy session creates the space for you to attend to your own Sacred Self.   This work honors and incorporates every level of your Being:  body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit.  Energy Therapy activates and enlivens your entire Energy System – the major and minor chakras, the energetic currents and the aura.   
  • Please know that this work is offered (and taught) with the absolute belief that you are an essential individuated aspect of the Divine Infinite.  As such, all that you will ever require is available to you via your direct experience of the Infinite.  In a sacred and respectful manner, you will be gently guided to attune to the essential power and potential of your Sacred Self as your direct connection with the Infinite Source is re-attuned and harmonized. 
  • According to the law of energy, like attracts like.  Most importantly, all authentic and sincere energy therapy acknowledges and honors that you already possess the specific energy that you require to bless, heal and transform your life at this time.  The sincere recognition of this energy creates a magnetism that increases this energy within your energy field.  Your entire energy system is empowered to utilize this energy to create positive change.      
  • Energywork should always be offered as a blessing.  A blessing is that which is offered with complete openness and absolute trust in the Infinite as it flows in, of and through you.  In this way, a blessing supports the actualization of your greatest good.  This process is greatly enhanced when a specific desired outcome is surrendered and it is replaced with a sincere openness to the manifestation of the Infinite’s power and potential.   
  • It is my intention that this work is a blessing to you.

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