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Seek the wisdom the will untie your knot -
seek the path that demands your whole being.
Leave that which is not, but appears to be -  
seek that which is, but is not apparent.


Spiritual Counseling

It is my intention to offer spiritually-centered intuitive support that will empower your unique journey in this lifetime.  In a private, personalized session, the wisdom and authentic vibration of your self, soul and spirit will be explored in ways that will expand your conscious awareness, re-awaken your power, increase your response- ability, and inspire the actualization of your greatest good.

What to Expect in a Personal Session...

  • A consultation encompasses many levels, dimensions and aspects of your Being to include your body, emotions, mind, soul, life path, sacred contracts, higher self, oversoul, essence and Spirit.    I am able to see, hear, feel, know and interpret the energy of your aura and chakras.  I am also able to access the many levels of Creation.  This means that I am able to access and communicate with the many levels of "You" from the information held within your physical cells to the sacred contract active within this lifetime to the your own Divine Essence or Spirit.   I am able to connect to and communicate with the natural, ancestor, archetypal, guiding and spiritual Beings who are honoring, supporting and inspiring your journey in this lifetime.  Past life information may also come into play during a session. 
  • Intuitive Counseling can clarify the spiritual significance of your current life situations in regards to the opportunities and challenges in order to clarify the power and potential of your choices.  Spiritual Guidance inspires you to consciously experience the sacred in your life and to embrace that which authentically supports your direct experience of the unlimited power and potential of the Infinite that is yours.  Life Purpose Coaching encourages you to align your intention with your true purpose in order to bring about the positive changes that you are seeking. 
  • It must be understood that any exploration of our energy and its many levels is meant to illuminate the spiritual significance of a situation, to clarify the soul’s intention, and to highlight the most likely possibilities based upon the current trends, your choices and the sacred contracts involved.  We must remember the power of our free will.  An intuitive consultation provides an opportunity for you to explore the range of choices, the possible outcomes and to change the direction of the energy by making more informed choices.  Certainly “karma” plays a part in this and our soul’s intention is always connected to that.  Even if we believe we are fated or destined to experience something, there is (almost) always a range of possible vibrational potentialities.  With the gift of conscious choice and spiritual support, we can navigate a higher vibrational actualization.  This potentiality is guided in my work by the phrase “for my greatest good”. 
  • I always hold the sincere intention to maintain an ethical and relevant focus within my work. You will receive tools and techniques to access the deep well of wisdom within and to develop your direction connection to your higher vibrational insight.  Often a consultation is a way for you to validate your own intuitive wisdom and to have that information supported by an outside source. There are times when we have closed ourselves to our spiritual supporters or to our intuitive truths.  At such times, a consultation (with me) will empower you to realign yourself with the wisdom, power and potential of your soul and spirit.

Rev. Robin Whitaker's Committment to You...

This communication is intended to inspire and empower you to embrace your authentic self and honor your soul's purpose in this lifetime. Within all of my work I hold the sacred intention that only that which is meant to be known will actually be known and shared.  As such,  I do not filter any of the messages that come through.  I am merely the messenger.   I communicate only with those Beings who honor you and are illuminating your highest truth and deepest wisdom. I utilize a variety of methods and measures to ensure a true connection with your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit and your Spiritual Supporters.   I share the method in which the messages are communicated and all symbolic references.  My goal is for you to learn how to understand your own intuitive messaging system.    I am dedicated to my own development, awareness and conscious evolution.  As a result of this personal discipline and dedication, I am able to make the assurance to my clients that the information coming through is in actuality their individual messages and never my personal interference.

Rev. Robin Whitaker
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